2021 VIMC Video Submission

2020 VIMC Video Submission guidelines (PDF download)

2021 Vancouver International Music Competition

Video Submission Guidelines

1.Confirm that your selected music meets the repertoire requirements:


2. Your video recording must be recorded within 6 months from the application deadline.

3. A high-quality video recording and filmed with a single camera is strongly recommended. It is acceptable to record the different works required in separate takes, but the recording of each work must be done without editing. It is recommended that candidates use the finest human and technical resources available so as to submit a high-quality video recording.

4. Your face, hands and instrument should be clearly visible in the video.

5. Your video should include a full performance of your chosen repertoire

6. Musical repeat sections should be omitted unless they are absolutely necessary (such as Da capo repeats).

7. Both repertoire selections for the preliminary round must be submitted within a single video link to submit your video, upload your complete performance of both compositions to a video sharing website (i.e. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).  After confirming that the video guidelines have been correctly followed and your video has been correctly uploaded, please provide the following information to vimcvideo@gmail.com :

Performer’s Full Name: 


Category (Artists/Young Artists/Junior Talent): 

Video Submission URL: 

Repertoire Selection 1

Musical Period: 



Repertoire Selection 2 

Musical Period: