Canadian Repertoire

For the final round of the 2020 Vancouver International Music Competition (VIMC), competitors may perform a work by a Canadian composer as one of their selections.  The Canadian Music Centre (CMC) has a large collection of sheet music by Canadian composers available for preview, purchase, and download.  Performers are allowed to choose an alternative composition by a Canadian composer.  However, the work must be a published work by a Canadian composer.  Original works composed by the performer are not permitted.  The CMC website has an advanced search option for finding works, but you must create a free account to listen to recordings on the website.  

Showcasing many Canadian compositions alongside classical repertoire, The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) has a graded music book series for all of the instruments featured in the VIMC.  The RCM has a syllabus for each instrument free to download with repertoire and etudes for each difficulty level.  Music found in their book series is indicated in each syllabus with an arrow bullet symbol (►).  Music books for each instrument can be purchased at the RCM online bookstore.  The 2015 Celebration Series for piano has a free sampler of their books on their website.  Canadian composers featured in the 2015 Celebration series for piano include: 

  • Joanne Bender
  • Boris Berlin
  • John Burge
  • Stephen Chatman
  • Diane Chouinard
  • Jean Coulthard
  • Robert (R.) Nathaniel Dett
  • Christine Donkin
  • Sophie-Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté
  • Pierre Gallant
  • Anne Crosby Gaudet
  • Janet Gieck
  • Chilly Gonzales
  • Susan Griesdale
  • Ruth Watson Henderson
  • Alexina Louie
  • Andrew Markow
  • Rebekah Maxner
  • David McIntyre
  • Linda Niamath
  • Lorna Paterson
  • Oscar Peterson
  • Clifford Poole
  • Teresa Richert
  • Frederick Silvester
  • Ann Southam
  • Court Stone
  • Nancy Telfer

This is not a full list of Canadian composers featured in the RCM book series as there are other Canadian composers featured in RCM books for other instruments.

The Canadian repertoire suggestions from the Canadian Music Centre provided below are classified into different difficulty levels such as preliminary (P), intermediate (I), and advanced (A).  The approximate length of each single movement work below is indicated in brackets.  Click the title of each work to visit the CMC website, listen to a recording (free account needed), download a non-printable score preview, and see score purchasing options.  

Suggested Canadian Repertoire Categories


Strings: ViolinViola – Cello – Double Bass – Harp – Guitar






Double Bass

  • Basement Apartments by Monica Pearce (double bass and piano) (no recording) – A
  • Anerca I by Milton Barnes (recording is for bassoon, but exists in double bass version) – I
  • Four Miniatures by Ralph DeCoursey (double bass and piano) (no recording) – I
  • Six Easy Pieces by Ralph DeCoursey (double bass and piano) (no recording) – P